Believing in the beauty of the arts and true craftsmanship, TEALEAVES presents: “Gifts of Time”, a worldwide collaboration between TEALEAVES and fellow craftspeople who aren’t afraid of slowing down to perfect the details. Our hope is to inspire celebrating old traditions with loved ones and to create new ones that will withstand the test of time.

What does a master tea blender, an executive chef, a dancer and an antiquarian horologist, all have in common?


The story of the Nutcracker embodies a universal truth – that time is the most precious gift from a maker to a receiver, from a performer to an audience.

It is our luxury of time that we offer joyously for the perfection of our craft and for the pleasure of those receiving.

Dedication to craft is what unites us all.

United by Craft: A Worldwide Collaboration

Dedication to craft is what unites us all. It is this blend of art and emotion, science of precision, and passion, that transforms into magic. TEALEAVES reached out to 20+ ballet companies and 60+ global luxury hotel partners, friends, and collaborators–who all generously donated their time for the project.

Thank you to all our friends and collaborators who volunteered their time for the Nutcracker #AfternoonTEALEAVES project.